How to Leverage Technology, People and Systems


You only have a certain number of hours. You can’t handled everything yourself. Learn how to leverage on technology and people to create a marketing system. Put your business on autopilot.

1. Follow up With Customers and Prospects

Use a reliable email system to automatically generate leads, follow up with your leads and build relationships with them by emails and newsletters. You can load timed sequence emails into your autoresponder and allow your emails to be sent out to your prospects automatically.

2. Obtain Referrals

Obtain referrals by creating word-of-mouth advertising. Word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective methods of promoting your business. One effective method of word-of-mouth advertising is to place a “Tell-A-Friend” script on your website. Give your visitors an incentive to get them to forward your offer to their friends. It can be a free report or something of value.

3. Affiliate Program

Set up an affiliate program and recruit affiliates to sell your products for you. Set up an email autoresponder system or a training website to train and motivate your affiliates. If required, get an affiliate manager to manage your affiliates.

4. Shopping Cart and Payment System

Use a good shopping cart and payment system to handle your sales process. For information products, clickbank is a good choice. Clickbank takes care of affiliate commission payments.

5. Outsource

Outsource your routine tasks to a virtual assistant or an expert. Document the process in an autoresponder system. You can outsource tasks like website maintenance, customer service, pay-per-click advertising and monitoring, affiliate commission payments, etc.

Create a system for every tasks. Leverage on technology and people to make your business autopilot. Use your systems to make profits for you online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Source by Celia Bo